Hello. My name is Cameron. Welcome to my website!

I've been interested in film for many years. I was a young 14 year old when I filmed my friends doing doorbell ditching, and ever since then I have had a fascination with capturing the living image. 

I’m currently working on improving my skills, and have been working in random videos across a wide range of platforms. My first foray was focused on a Youtube fitness series called “Chance’s Bodyshop”. I learned many things, such as how to defend against Youtube’s dreaded copyright strikes, how to create animated outro sequences with clickable social links, editing in blooper reals to increase viewership, and sharing videos around social networks.

I even had the gumption to start attempting entrepreneurship! I made several blogs, in attempt to find my niche. Some of the businesses and blogs I dreamed of making was a motivational website similar to IMGUR called NSPIREHIVE. Another idea was EMOBODYBUILDER, in which I intended to rise above my emotional weaknesses and become stronger both physically and mentally. Nothing I planned worked out, but I always gave it my best efforts.

After that, I was motivated to become a personal trainer. I completed getting my NASM personal trainer certification, and pushed to find something I could do on my own that improved my character. I was fighting back all the depression and awkward behaviors I had maintained throughout my life. I was trying to change the very core of who and what I was.

Then, it all came crashing to a halt. Whenever the founder of Chance’s Bodyshop decided to close down and remove all content, I lost motivation with anything regarding workouts and fitness. This lead to a terrible bout of depression and anxiety issues. It seemed nothing was right, and I was on the wrong path.

Fast forward a couple of years later, through personal exploration I was able to at least face myself in the mirror once again. I decided to use my only hobby as motivation to move forward. With the help of newfound friends, I created One Bald Man as a means to cheer myself up and become a more likable guy. I had to stop trying to change. One Bald Man became my idea of “accepting” myself, flaws and all.

The content was fun, and I had a great time making it… But there came a point where I had to start taking my dreams seriously, time to push in a direction I actually wanted to go.

That is what this blog is all about.

So, please take a look around. All of the things posted here represent years of hard fought work and effort, exploration and forgiveness, resilience and passion.

I love every single person who has helped me up to this point. I look forward to more and more content, fun, and just plain old cool ideas.

Peace and love,