“Working with Cameron has been a complete joy. Not only did he display professionalism, the passion for his project shone through every bit of the way. Leading up to the start date I was handed a final cut of the film with embedded SMPTE Timecode, along with a detailed sound sheet outlining timestamped points of Camerons vision. This format continued throughout our iterative process, along with a free flowing chat conversation, which he was always quick to reply in. Wonderful I say! Creatively, he had a sense for what the film needed and what felt right. I was given a great deal of freedom in all sound departments, but pretty much every bit of feedback that I applied fell right into place, and consequently, I quickly developed trust for his judgement. I can say, the sound track wouldn’t have turned out as good without his notes... You would be lucky to land Cameron as your client, and so I feel. Warm recommendations from me!”
— Robert Wozniak - Sound Desinger